Product and Services

The Balloon Shop uses the best of the line balloons for their decorating decor.  We can create Simple Bouquets to Elaborate Arches or Columns.  The shop can create items to be picked up by the customer or we can deliver and set up large decor for events.

We have available theme party balloons either in the store or we can order and have the item in within 3 to 5 days.

Since helium has increased substantially, the cost of helium balloons have increased since 8-5-2022.  Please call for pricing.

Call 651-982-6215 or Cell 651-246-5280 for a free consultation for your upcoming event.


02.06.2022 00:35

Jennifer Saabye

Hello! If I bring / drop off my own balloons, could you blow them up with helium and I'll pick up when you are done?

20.05.2022 22:06

Mary Benhardus

Do you have any jungle animal theme balloons? need 5/211/22 2:00PM

21.05.2022 12:22

Lue schneller

I have all jungle animal heads. Call 651 246 5280 to order.

16.09.2021 14:15

Sara Erickson

I need a 5 and a 0 for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary on October 16th. Can I get that here?

16.09.2021 14:40

Lue Schneller

I have gold numbers in 26" at $12.70 ea, 34" at $17.70 Ea, and 40" at $18.60 ea. These are inflated with a ribbon and weight.

16.09.2021 14:15

Sara Erickson

Preferably Gold

16.06.2021 18:08

Gisela Murillo

Can you please send me an image of the arch that star at 60.00 dollars

16.06.2021 20:22

Luella Schneller

can you send me your email address then I can send you the picture. Thank you.

16.06.2021 20:22

Lue Schneller

I need an address to send it to.

28.08.2020 12:55


Do you have number 3 balloons and Minnie Mouse themed balloons?

01.05.2020 12:57

Gloria Scovill

It’s “Maybasket Day”. I need a way to keep the tradition going for our grandkids but, since we live an hour away now, I need to have something delivered to them. Can I get a bouquet delivered today?

14.02.2020 03:40


Yes we do.

14.02.2020 01:06

Sue Trussoni

Do you deliver

14.02.2020 15:59

Luella Schneller

Yes we can deliver. There is a delivery charge based on mileage.

08.12.2019 17:05

Taylor Hentges

Hello! I have my daughters first birthday coming up on January 4th. I was curious if you rented out helium tanks, or how much it would be to fill 29 latex balloons and 3 of the foil type.

09.12.2019 18:41


We do not rent helium tanks, but will fill balloons. 18" foil $1.50 each and 12" latex $1.50 each. Thanks for asking.